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7 Crawford Street, Dunedin


Wednesday: 5:30pm - 6:30pm

If the door is locked, please call Kussi on +64 27 367 1566


Instrutor Seguranca

Kussi Hurtado

Seguranca teaches capoeira classes for Ungu in Dunedin, New Zealand. He first started Capoeira in 2007, training in Dunedin under the then Monitor Perere. The popular video game Tekken was one of his influences to starting capoeira, wanting to do some "sweet moves", and when you watch him play it is no surprise he still loves to break out his own "sweet moves" impressing those around him.


In 2012 after Perere and some of the more senior of his students left Dunedin, Seguranca took over the classes, running successful workshops and events in Dunedin in 2012 and the years following. In 2015, after years of hard work, he received his Graduado corda and in 2023 received his Instrutor corda.

Outside of capoeira Kussi teaches high school science maths and physics and enjoys heading to the beach early in the morning for a surf, going for a run or heading off on a good hike.

Seguranca has a way with people and can spin a yarn till everyone is on the floor laughing. His teaching style is respectful and patient, he makes you feel at ease, breaking down complicated movements and ideas into something achievable, until, before you know it you are spinning on your head having the time of your life.

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