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Ungu Capoeira Cord System

Aluno to Mestre


Crua: Initiante - Beginner

First cord given to the student at their batizado ("baptism" in capoeira), it’s their first time entering a formal roda and playing with an experienced teacher. The student may or may not receive a nickname that they will be known by inside capoeira.

Cord2_branca - verde.jpg

Verde e Crua: Aluno - Innocence

In this phase of innocence the student searches to learn the movements and the instruments of capoeira without much need for commitment.


Verde: Aluno - Awakening

Already becoming more engaged with capoeira the student awakens, inspired to taking capoeira more seriously.


Amarela e verde: Aluno - Consciousness

In this phase the student starts to become conscious of the rituals of capoeira and its mysteries.


Amarela: Aluno - Expansion

The student is in the phase of  preparing to become an advanced student, expanding their knowledge by searching out more information and more actively trying to find out more about capoeira.


Azul e Verde: Aluno Avançado - Resilience

Because it is a high level, this phase before becoming a graduate student, there are more expectations placed on the student. Because of this many students will give up so it requires resilience to continue.


Azul: Graduado - Perseverance

As a graduate student, they have more freedom but at the same time more responsibility. They need perseverance towards the difficulties that will come along in the journey ahead.


Marrom e Preta: Instrutor - Unknown Lands

Already taking classes the instructor is in new territory where they need to be calm and patient to make good decisions in their teaching.  


Marrom: Professor - Resistance

After years of resistance the teacher has grown roots of knowledge that will never be forgotten, passing this knowledge on with respect and humility. 


 Vermelha e Preta: Mestrando - Warrior

The warrior who, even with all their challenges keeps on fighting with wisdom, resilience and love of the art. 


Vermelha:  Blood

After much sweat and sacrifice they are recognised for their work, their years of dedication and contribution to the art, by the community and their capoeira mestre. 


Branca e Vermelha: Wisdom 

This phase symbolises the blood of the black slave shed in search of freedom, the graduation in which with all their acquired experience seeks to show students the best way forward, the best attitude to adopt inside and outside of capoeira in their different contexts.
Cord acquired after the age of 50 and a minimum of 40 years of practice.

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