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Ungu Capoeira Cord System

Aluno to Mestre


Branca - Baptisim

This is the moment where the student becomes a capoeira player by entering a formal roda, playing with an experienced teacher and getting a belt for the first time. This happens at the group capoeira event or in a formal roda with the presence of the leader of the school or a Professor.

Time in capoeira: 3 Months

Length of stay: Minimum 1 year 

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Branca e Verde: Aluno - Innocence

In this very innocent phase the student seeks to learn the movements and instruments of capoeira without much commitment, more for the fun of it.

Time in capoeira: 2 years

Length of stay: Minimum 1 year


Verde: Aluno - Awakening

With more engagement in capoeira, the student awakens the desire to take capoeira more seriously. 

Time in capoeira: 3 years

Length of stay: Minimum 1 year


Amarela e verde: Aluno - Awareness

In this stage the student starts to become aware of the capoeira rituals and its mysteries.

Time in capoeira: 3 years

Length of stay: Minimum 1 year


Amarela: Aluno - Expansion

At this stage, before becoming an advanced student, they need to start seeking to expand their knowledge by researching about Capoeira history, music, instruments, rhythms, the school, the teacher, the local capoeira community and other groups. 

Time in capoeira: 4 years

Length of stay: Minimum 1 year


Azul e Verde: Aluno Avançado - Resilience

As the first stage as an advanced student in the school, there are more demands and expectations placed on the student. Such as leading a roda, singing with all capoeira instruments, knowing the positions of our school bateria and the rhythms used, learning to teach and organising events.  At this level you will need to have resilience to continue.

Time in capoeira: 5 years

Age from 18 years

Length of stay: Minimum 2 years


Azul: Graduado - Perseverance

With more power also comes more responsibility. As a graduate student it is necessary to be confident, help with classes and organisation of the group and events, work to develop their own classes, be humble and a good example to other students. All this pressure will require perseverance to not give up on the journey. 

Time in capoeira: 7 years

Age from 22 years

Length of stay: Minimum 3 years


Marrom e Preta: Instrutor - Unknown Lands

Already taking classes the instructor is in new territory where they need to be calm and patient to make good decisions in their teaching.  

Time in capoeira: 10 years

Age from 25 years

Length of stay: Minimum 5 years


Marrom: Professor - Dedication

After years of dedication the teacher has grown roots of knowledge that will never be forgotten, he or she passes this knowledge on with respect and humility. 

Time in capoeira: 15 years

Age from 30 years

Length of stay: Minimum 5 years


 Vermelha e Preta: Mestrando - Fight

Even with all the challenges he or she does not give up, keeps on going fighting all challenges with wisdom, resilience and love.

Time in capoeira: 20 years

Age from 35 years

Length of stay: Minimum 5 years


Vermelha:  Mestre - Blood

After much sweat and sacrifice they are recognised for their work, their years of dedication and contribution to the art of capoeira, by the community and their capoeira mestre. 

Time in capoeira: 25 years

Age from 40 years

Length of stay: Minimum 10 years


Vermelha e Branca: Mestre - Freedom 

The stage in which, with all its acquired experience, seeks to show students the best path to follow, the best attitude to adopt inside and outside capoeira in its different contexts, symoblises the blood of black slaves shed in search of freedom.

Time in capoiera 35 years

Age from 50 years

Length of stay: Minimum 10 years


Branca: Mestre - Wisdom 

The last cord within the system, it is the cord of purity and wisdom.

Time in capoiera 40 years

Age from 60 years

No Cord - Estagiario

Title given to advanced capoeriastas from other schools that decide to join our group. This title comes with no cord and will be held for a minimum of one year before a cord can be awarded. This is required for the student to be able to adapt to the school system and for the teachers to decide where the newcomer fits in terms of level inside the group.

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