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St Albans Community Centre

1049 Colombo St, Christchurch


Tuesday 7-8pm

Call/Txt: Sushi on + 64 21 037 5669


No classes on the 6th and 13th Feburary 2024. Normal classes resume on the 20th February 2024

All levels welcome from beginners to advanced, recommended age from 10+

Contact Sushi for more information


Casual    $15 per class

Monthly  $40


Instrutor Sushi

Nicholas Tan

Sushi teaches capoeira classes in Christchurch, New Zealand. He started capoeira in 2011 training under a student of Perere for his first two years. He then went travelling for a year; training capoeira for two months in Brazil with Mestre Zizo and other Aruande capoeira mestres, before heading to Canada for a working holiday. In Canada he also had the opportunity to train with Mestrando Fabio 90 who is also from Aruande capoeira.

In 2013 he returned to Christchurch and began teaching classes there himself under the guidance of Mestrando Perere.

In 2018 he recieved his Graduado corda reflecting the hard work he has done with the capoeira community.
Sushi lives and breathes the martial arts, starting with martial arts at the young age of 5 he quickly rose to black belt in a mixed style of Kung Fu by the age of 10. Along with Kung Fu he has also practiced Tai Chi Chuan, Muay Thai, BJJ, Iaido and was an instructor of Wing Chun and Eskrima.  These days Sushi focuses his efforts on teaching and training capoeira. 

Outside of capoeira Sushi works as a Physiotherapist and enjoys spending time with his wife, who also trains capoeira, playing video games, and making his garden look awesome. 

Sushi was first exposed to capoeira through martial artists on the internet performing 'unusual' movements which piqued his interest into finding out more.  Sushi always wanted to move like a 'ninja' but along with discovering cool movements he has found a new way of thinking and amazing friends that have changed his life for the better.

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